Tinas Ferry Trips from Bremen


Tinas Ferry Trips from Bremen

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Traveling with Chinese tourists

The thing is the thing with your face in China: one as Chinese lose not only his own, but if it is stupid, equal to that of the whole nation can cause. And therefore the State stepping in again now. On October 1, China's first tourism law enters into force. Tourists who misbehave, should face sanctions in future. Ever ahead in Hainan and Hunan provinces: in Hunan or Hong Kong, there is a black list for people who are uncomfortable since this week. In extreme cases, travel agencies in the future should no longer as customers accept such people.

At the same time running a campaign of public education in the State media. The Web site of the party journal people newspaper has written "Instructions against the loss of face on foreign travel", an online game makes the kick-off. Under a picture of the Eiffel Tower, statue of liberty, and Sphinx you can shoot the vices falling from the sky in large bubbles with a crossbow: toilet not flushing again. Beaten up to courts. Stolen things in the hotel. "Congratulations", it says at the end. Then they take the frederikshavn oslo færge tid. In the series broadcast in August as part of the main news "civilized travel" reporters of the State broadcaster CCTV before holding microphone raided baffled civilian Backpack: "why are you standing here on the grass, although as 'entering prohibited' is?" Reported by exemplary tour guides, who "study the Customs and laws of the host country before each trip", and that keep their group with self-designed signs in chess, running a finger through closed lips to rest calls. They interviewed an official of the tourism authority on trip with the Frederikshavn Gøteborg færge tid, which took the travellers should monitor each other. And they showed a so-called civilized travel course: "seeing we seats on the plane, ladies and gentlemen", the participants warned the teacher, "then we beat us not, right?"

An elderly couple from the course came to Word: "These are often so small things here at home ever falling on us", the man said. "For us here to just loose", the woman interjected. Then again the man: "but if what you're doing so in a foreign country, Hello, then this but what is completely different. You're that fast

China even considered the realm of courtesy and etiquette. Many tourist also take a celtic ferries rosslare cherbourg trip. About the claim that the country has already lost this reputation is old. Now new aufgelegte "compass for civilized travel" dating back to the year 2006. The American Journal anthropology news dedicated to the phenomenon of 2010 an essay.

There no lack of explanations. Since the political turmoil are led in the last century, which brought many Chinese of middle and old age to a proper education. The sudden emergence of a class in China, which behaves like ignorant is new. The fact that in China law and nothing worth were, why is also no one think. "Public policy is not the greatest strength of the Chinese," the newspaper China daily wrote: "people go red through the traffic light.

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