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Tinas Ferry Trips from Bremen

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A ferry trip to Ireland

Who explored the Donegal Garden Trail in northwest Ireland , experienced more than a few beautiful flowers. For every garden has a story - and often visitors are invited to tea and scones and are soon in the middle of everyday life cheerful nature lovers.

He sits in his small kitchen in Ireland, clutching a tea mug with both hands and sighs deeply. "Now we have so long been looking forward to you - and now you are soon gone again. " The 81- year-old is one of the 26 gardens of the Donegal Garden Trail , a network of garden lovers in Ireland. He recently led a small group of guests through his personal paradise. It is located in the rugged north west of Ireland - but where the climate thanks to the Gulf Stream is rather mild. Therefore, in the region grow frost-sensitive shrubs. And here sometimes reaches tree height, which at most as high as a bush is in Germany - such as rhododendrons and fuchsias.

The Garden Trail with ferry from liverpool to dublin seacat leads visitors to gardens throughout Donegal. Two of them are state-run , the other 24 are private people who usually spend their free time in and around visitors like lead. Time they are around a Georgian manor house , sometimes at a hotel and then turn to a traditional country cottage like Michael.

Michael has his garden Summy built around its whitewashed farmhouse , situated in a valley at Portnoo , until the year 1979. After his retirement as a teacher he made the design of his four-acre site completely to his hobby.

Summy is a destination for lovers of natural gardens, Michael can also native shrubs such as hawthorn and juniper his room and ferry from liverpool to belfast city. Peonies and lilies are around the pond in spring forest flower carpet blue hyacinths in the bushes. His daughter Carolyn and often visits her father watched , shaking his head as he flits with the stick in his hand from bush to bush. " He should not bend over , he has a new knee. "

The members of the Guard path Swap Seeds and cuttings , drink some tea together and sometimes enjoy home-baked scones with strawberry jam. Visitors are often invited simply to this round. Entrance fees not ask most garden owners , but donations to charitable organizations are gladly accepted. Similarly, it is easy to at the opening times. Some have fixed visiting times , others ask for prior notification.

Them he, who in his secluded cottage and ferry sailings pembroke to rosslare located only about two dozen visitors gets a year. After the garden round there in the parlor fresh fruit salad , tea or coffee and biscuits from the neighbors who are happy too. Michael is such a thing as the cock of the Ladies of the Garden Trail. He is full of energy and is sometimes even a song on - as a lay pastor , he has finally exercise.

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