Tinas Ferry Trips from Bremen


Tinas Ferry Trips from Bremen

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First time in Hanoi

But when Hanoi has to have been 35 degrees air temperature in October - how much temperament, an increase in this heat nor bring forth ? Does he therefore can trigger the winter , such power over people's mentality that he make peoples share countries , wars : after all, there are seasons in northern Vietnam (four pieces ! ) And even a kind of winter? Germany in any case only temporarily forget about the East- West conflict that the wall does not run true in the minds between the regions, but between Bavaria and Friesland.

Incidentally , the equator, where is the real ? When I think of it , I've never been below the equatorial belt ( and Wikipedia knows why : because humanity the planet sits on the bonnet especially above) and will this shortcoming does not compensate in the next few weeks: Saigon ( I 'm saying: that sounds nicer than HCMC ) located on the 10th Latitude. I remember my last ferry from dublin to holyhead wales trip.

Turn into a south-north gradient ? Is there the south of the north, which is here in the North of the South? And where do such idiotic questions? Answer: When at night the hotel bathroom declared a smoking cabin to perform there with cigarettes and vodka a cheerful explanation of the world conversation, you wake up in the morning after a few hours subtropical sleep under a mountain of headaches , as after the first two cups of coffee just prove clotted speculation about the North -South divide and irish ferries cairnryan larne trip.

Shorts: Exceptionally, one must not be ashamed of his white legs. A German living in Vietnam returns from vacation to their jobs back in Hanoi. Then the colleague : " Oh , you're disgusting become brown at least you 've put on it! ". Would have to be thick , white would you be? Then let us simply swap !

The Europeans from stena ferry belfast cairnryan goes marveling at the Asian market cliché : Bound With Knitting giant crabs swarm of eels in shallow bowls , big fish , covered with just enough water , that they die not : life as an unsurpassed cling system. A pig face with ears and nose, the skull was removed as a hood. Mountains of snails.Meat pile that look like fresh food, what does it matter that there are fresh intestines..

As tough proves again and again that nature: the Truc Bach lake is covered by a makeshift water dump, floats on the surface of other garbage. Between half-decayed giant toads. But also swarms of mercurial , silvery little fish wriggling , it can taste. That some men actually keep their water fishing in this cemetery,

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