Tinas Ferry Trips from Bremen


Tinas Ferry Trips from Bremen

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Finding a good Chinese restaurant

We climb again over small hills and then find ourselves in the midst of the karst cone , I have once again rescheduled a little , we drive today once again back to Guilin , because there are in the rest of baggage or brake pads and have the wheels , while the wet days on bad roads in the mountains , we had a lot of powerful abrasion. The route from Guilin to Yangshuo is to create in a day, but you can also leave time , because here there is the steepest and most beautiful karst formations. Large green hills and rugged mountains make all the scenery here on the river like in Fulda.

Images of this landscape hanging in every bad Chinese restaurant in Germany , the Chinese word for landscape is Shan -shui , water is, and is probably coined here in the region without a doubt. In Xingping a place right on the Li River , the rain has us caught up and tourism , many of the ships are here like on Ferry Belfast Liverpool cruise.

The real tourist center , however, is, 15 years ago I was here the first time and this time it's just a handful of output Backpacker bars and cheap hotels. Today, the whole town is geared toward tourism, lives only a quarter- of hostels and restaurants and several dozen ships lying on the river. 200 daily excursion boats bring guests from Guilin here to stay in place and then leave the next day on buses back which reminds me of my Ferry Belfast Cairnryan cruise.

Despite the mass of the plant is around still worth seeing , we make our trip to the Moon Hill and visit one of the huge limestone caves. Only my tip , there is no longer , from the hill to the radio mast had an excellent view in all directions , but the hill is now secured with barbed wire and concrete all around. We stroll through the small towns and try anything edible and there are tons. The fresh barbecue stands in the street outside our hotel invite you to tofu, vegetables, mushrooms , pork, beef , lamb, seafood and sparrows. In the markets dog meat is offered and also offer snake , frogs are living offered in 500 g network and you are no longer as exotic specialty.

With a little effort it is possible to find a boat that brings us back to, unfortunately the weather is not so great as we cruise along the Li River again, but also in moderate weather to offer terrific views. The last few kilometers into town we drive to the wheel and then create it as 1,000 kilometers. We enjoy the ride with the bike in the city and the last night, for the three weeks in the south are flown by and tomorrow we are again on the way home, but the departure from China is not permanent, because I 'm back in the winter and want to go again next year with me. Maybe with Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam cruise.

Those who have wanted to take a trip from Germany to the popular cruise line Costa Cruises, was limited to the two ports of Kiel. As Europe's leading cruise line Costa builds from the summer of 2011 the location of Germany. From May to August next year the most successful in Costa will be phased out by the Port of Hamburg.

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