Tinas Ferry Trips from Bremen


Tinas Ferry Trips from Bremen

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A Trip Around the Lake

Around the Lake features wax figures in tuxedo and wedding dress, dancing around photographers and photography assistant. It makes a small movement : the head a bit further to the left , please! The making of the most beautiful day in life is hard work , but who cares when you realize : In the life of people by no means one of the moment. What matters is the ( photo -based ) memory frrom Barcelona.

As the mom has made you but fine: Add crepe paper , colored lights and a man-sized bouquets , Hanoi birthday child is dressed : 1000 years, that's something! Ten days of jubilation , excitement , exhilaration has told the government. Platforms are erected , placed headlights and fog machines to position , major roads buried under mountains of fairy lights. The population fulfilled their duty flags :

On all floors yellow stars on a red background. Over the highways you dismantled the street signs so that the military equipment of the military parades are pulled unknown. But who should actually watch the parades when on ferry dover calais Ship , but when the blocked roads result in an immediate total collapse of the transport system , so that no one can penetrate to the parades ?

Already turned the city into an impassable complete obstruction because clusters of scooters in the middle of the intersections gather to make cell phone pictures of the newly commissioned in lights. No matter : a forced obligation merry cheer on the invincible Vietnam!

Scooter pillion at night : Finally a part of the swarm intelligence! I hit my kneecap on a bicycle riders and experience a gladdening "We " The miraculous osmosis actually completely impassable when passing a crossroads - then you know for a moment , why, and how the world works.

Every year is a very special party thrown in every district in Barcelona. Definitely you know the "fiestas de Gracia" and the "fiestas de la Barceloneta".... and of course "las fiestas de la Mercè", which pose the main festivals of the city. Strange thing is that the most emblematic festivals of the city are not necessarily known. I am thinking specifically of "la Festa Major del Raval and my last Ferry Dover Dunkirk Ship .

They always take place in June and show example traditional concerts, hip-hop and break-dancing shows - past the famous pyramids of people gegants and castellers. There are three hard days on the road, various concerts, terraces, and what I really want out, open-air cinema.

For three years, meet at the Plaza two generations, which could be described as a cinema freaks. The old guard is represented by the Napoleon that radiates with an old 16mm projector and a small group of three musicians, classic Chaplin, or free for all people of the district..

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